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IN-LAW ISSUES: confidential support for women
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***In addition to requesting membership directly from this page, we ask that for security purposes, you comment to THIS POST FIRST!~ letting us know how you found our community. Then request to join. For your privacy, your comment will be screened***

This is a support group for married and engaged women who feel like they have ever been snubbed or unaccepted by their in-laws in any way.

This community is different from others of it's kind because it is 100% CONFIDENTIAL. To protect our members' privacy in discussing such personal issues, this community is ENTIRELY "Members Only" and livejournal users must request membership BEFORE they can read what the other members have posted. From there, I briefly check out prospective members' personal livejournals prior to allowing membership (if this is a problem for anyone, they should not request membership here. Instead, they should join one of the great public in-law communities with open membership listed below.)
All entries in this community are automatically posted as "Friends Only."

Hang in there ladies: bite your tongue and don't burn any bridges when it comes to your in-laws!!! Come HERE to complain instead!

Once you have joined, be sure to check out the welcome message from the moderater

And finally, due to a recent problem, we've had to add some new rules.

  • First and foremost, please respect the other members

  • ABSOLUTELY NO revealing anyone's personal information or copying and pasting these protected entries in snarking communities. If someone's post here makes you roll your eyes, simply ignore it and don't comment

  • New members have ONE WEEK to post some kind of intro. After that week if they have not posted, their membership will be terminated, but they may rejoin one more time and will have one more week to post.

    *LJ-cuts for longer posts and posts with pictures will be very much appreciated. Click here to find out how.

    *minors generally will not be added to the community. Right now the group consists of all adult females most living on their own with their significant others. Many of us even have children of our own, and I just feel like an underage girl would find that she does not have much in common with the other women. HOWEVER, I do understand that in rare cases, women CAN AND DO get married before they are 18 years old. If this is your situation and you feel like we can be helpful to you, please leave a comment here and you will be considered.

    "We have the right to refuse service to anyone"
    Reasons you may not be approved for membership could include but not may not necessarily be determined by or limited to:

  • you appear to be involved in some type of mean-spirited snarking community

  • you have been known to cause problems in other communities

  • you are the in-law of one our current members

  • I can't learn anything about you from your personal journal, which may mean you're a troll

  • Sorry to be such a hardass, but we've only had one major problem, and would like to keep it that way. ;) This is and will continue to be a safe place for women to talk about our sensitive family issues.

    I highly recommend you give me an IP address or a username if you inlaws are also on livejournal and you don't want them to be in SWT.

    our sister communities are stepmoms and _marriedlife_

    please note. I do not tolerate "wah! I'm leaving" posts and they will be deleted. also, I do not tolerate posts that have comments screened or disabled. Own your words. The one thing that will NOT be tolerated is attacking other members. Do not handle someone's problems as if they were petty or stupid! we all handle our inlaws differently and when you need to rant, this should be a safe place to talk about all sorts of problems (petty or major) and we don't need drama here. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU FEEL UPSET BY A COMMENT OR A POST, DO NOT START A FLAMEWAR. Just remember that to the people posting these are VALID CONCERNS and even if they seem petty or stupid or the wording isn't quite right/pc they are VENTING and we are never in top form when we are upset. Also, please remember that SWT is not your personal journal and use good judgement and restraint with posting.

    ******If there are any problems, let me know via email*******you can email sarakenobi at Sarabookworm@gmail.com if you have any concerns/comments/misc.
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